Since our first entrustment in 1993, we’ve made it our priority to offer the highest level of service to our partners. Here’s why our entrustment program far exceeds that of the traditional consignment.

Simplify - Aerospace transactions can be a complicated and drawn out process, especially when considering the time needed to execute a significant request for proposal and scrutinize potential buyers. With an entrustment from Turbo you know you are getting a strong offer from the start and your parts will be listed for sale as quick as you can ship them. That coupled with generous up front deposits ensure more funds to you quicker than any other industry offering.

Maximize - Anyone can list material and sell parts that are in high demand. What sets Turbo apart is our ability to sell parts others cant. In addition to our online portal, our Entrustors' parts are advertised on all the top inventory listing services in the industry. Our proprietary market analysis software and aggressive pricing ensure we get top dollar for your parts while not leaving money on the table. With a worldwide reach and a reputation for delivering, Turbo is a preferred vendor for our customers which translates to higher revenues for our Entrustors.

Connect - The key to a successful partnership is trust, and trust can’t grow without transparency. With decades of input from our consignors, the Entrustor section of our website includes the features necessary for any successful partnership. Real time sales, receiving, stock and work order reports can be generated 24/7. Whether you want to login quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily you can download the reports you want in seconds.

  • Searchable, up-to-date inventory portal
  • Listings on ILS, PartsBase, Stockmarket, Aeroxchange and more
  • Increased market penetration with rotable and expendable inventory
  • Turbo emails, website promotion and personalized alerts
  • Monthly reporting & scheduled payments
  • Rigorous quality control processes
  • Industry-leading service
  • 24-hour online access

Complete Airframes

When choosing an aircraft teardown partner experience matters. Turbo has managed over 35 airframe disassembles in over 10 different locations around the world. We offer a complete solution that includes negotiation with the teardown facility, choosing which parts to remove and repair, supervising the disassembly and the marketing and sale of the material through our entrustment program. We are interested in all aircraft types from commercial to regional. Partner with Turbo and put our knowledge to work for you.


For over 3 decades Turbo has managed the teardown and sale of APUs and Engines. Our in house evaluation tools can quickly identify the most profitable configuration and condition of your asset. From overhauled with the latest service bulletins to disassembly and everything in between, trust Turbo to market your assets under an exclusive contract, purchase outright, or maximize value through our entrustment program.

Our partnerships span the globe